Nova Poshta Half Marathon

IT Business School Agile Presentation

IT Business School Agile Presentation

IT Business School Agile Presentation

Three years in VR

It was a great adventure started in July 2015 as a part of small #RedDotSquare Team and then became a part of a big #KantarConsulting family.

Thanks #Ciklum for my best 3 years professional experience!

Thanks team!

Three years in VR

II Place in DevChallenge12 Front-end Pro

Victory. Almost Victory. In Front-end: 467 peoples was qualified, 92 peoples finished round one, 34 went through round two, 5 profession front-end developers in final. I've won silver.

Second Place in DevChallenge12 Front-end Pro

Launching of Running Pace Calculator

I've just created a new section of this site - apps. Which will be used for any my, surprise, surprise, applications).
And first of them is Running Pace Calculator for planning my (and anyone) marathons.

Smile Running Pro Usain Bolt
© Usain Bolt snapped by Cameron Spencer for Getty Images

Judging and mentoring at IT Business School

Judging and mentoring at IT Business School

Thanks, #ITBS for the new role by me — judge and mentor on IT Business School!

Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon

Thanks Dmytro Vavriv & Denis Rybalchenko!

Running Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon

Introduction to Front-end Architecture

Introduction to Front-end Architecture

vr.people: Introduction to Front-end Architecture presentation as part of Inspiration Breakfast sessions. Thanks @artem.koziar for the presentation. #vrpeople #vrinfinity #switchongrowth #kantarconsulting #wpp #angular

GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017

GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017

vr.people: The biggest Google tech conference in CEE begins. #dfua @vr.people #lviv #google #ukraine #tech #conference #happy #developers #team

Public People

Great intense workout about public speaking. Thanks a lot, Roman Lyakh!

Public People

PublicPeople, Roman Lyakh, Facebook closed group Public People May

VR People Weekend

The value of a product is the sum of Clients' problems it solves. When team wants to bring more value to the Clients it meets on weekend to take extra user feedback into release scope. #vrpeople #vrinfinity #kantarretail

VR People

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My first 8 km

Thanks Dmytro Vavriv, Denis Rybalchenko & Mykola Savenko!

running 8 km

My workplace

Only the people who take learning, growth and skills development into their own hands will be tomorrow's leaders.
🏆😁 #vrinfinity #vrpeople #kyiv #ukraine #krvr #vr #vrinfinity #kantar #kantarretail #kantarretailvirtualreality #greatpeople #development #selfdevelopment #learning #growth #kyiv #ukraine


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Angular 2 component for objects debug. Collapsible JSON in HTML with syntax highlight like Chrome DevTools.


Github: github.com/sharkich/t-json-viewer
NPM Package: npmjs.com/package/t-json-viewer

Branching Strategy

Presentation about Git Branching Strategy and Git Rebase for Kantar Retail Virtual Reality


Angular 2 Presentation for Kantar

Presentation about new framework and new opportunity for Kantar Retail Virtual Reality


Angular 2 Presentation for Ciklum

Technical presentation about Angular2 for JavaScript team in Ciklum


GDG DevFest Ukraine 2016

GDC DevFest Ukraine 2016