Optimizing Office Work Schedule

For more than 14 years I’ve been working as a designer and a web-developer. 3 years ago I’ve decided to switch and become an iOS developer. Finally, 6 months ago I started working as an iOS Developer in a bank.

Office schedule is not a big deal for me. Despite of being self-employed for many years — I love to work and to produce. What I hate — is to waste time. Traffic jams, long way to office, no time for family and personal projects, no time for sports.

What is important to know about me, is that I live in Kyiv on the other side of Dnipro river (in respect to the city downtown). I have a pretty young daughter. I have some individual projects (like being a head of Ukrainian Flying Disc Federation, etc.).

New office work appeared to have some problems:

But what is important for me: I quit being a manager, and besides some meetings my work is almost independent of other employees. So, I can start my day at time I prefer and define my schedule as I would like to.